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Doublelift Goals: 10 LCS championships and a worlds final

Peter “Doublelift” Peng already has the most championships in LCS history with seven wins, but he wants more… Double digits.

I wanna win so much there’s no chance anyone is ever going to catch up.

Doublelift said in a video interview with ESPN.

I know it’s unlikely now that anyone catches up but I don’t know, I want to win … maybe 10. Ten times. So three more. I really put a number on it before.”

He also touched on his motivational issues he had at Team Liquid during the spring 2020 split in a stark contrast to where he finds himself now perhaps the most motivated he’s ever been with Team SoloMid.

Doublelift also reinstated to ESPN his goal of making the finals at worlds.

I don’t think I’m gonna stop until I make it there. Worlds is always in the back of my mind. [I think] is this kind of play good enough for international play? Sometimes you think too big picture and it can hurt you … you’re not playing at worlds right now, you’re playing in the LCS right now. Some things are just good enough for LCS, and then you need to triage the more important things. I like to get everything perfect from the very beginning. I don’t like taking shortcuts. Over the long run, it will hurt you. So I say to myself, ‘if I was to play at worlds right now, would this play be good enough? And most of the time it’s not, so you’re trying to min-max a lot of things.


Will we hear the echoss of ‘TSM’ being chanted at the worlds final?


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