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League of Legends

Doublelift Rejoins TSM as a Content Creator

Doublelift has rejoined TSM for a 3rd time in his career. This time as a full-time content creator and streamer.

Doublelift has been a staple in the content creation world for quite a while now, so the move comes naturally that the organisation he won four LCS titles and went to three ‘Worlds’ with has signed him up as a full-time creator.

This season, Doubleflift has averaged 26,000 viewers while co-streaming the LCS according to Twitch viewership statistics site TwitchTracker. He provides his opinions as an ex-pro on top of the cast gaining further insights into how he looks at the game of League of Legends.

TSM has done it again by recycling his original announcement video from 2015. For those that may not have been around in 2015, Doublelift emerges from a dumpster and throws his old CLG top in the trash.

We’re incredibly excited to welcome @Doublelift1 back to #TSM as a full-time content creator and streamer.‚ÄĒ TSM (@TSM) March 10, 2021

We’re super excited to see Doublelift still involved in the League of Legends scene now that the next phase of his career is taking off and we’re looking forward to learning even more about just one of the games we love here at


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