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Rocket League

Rocket League Season 3 is almost here – NASCAR and F1 themed cars incoming

Rocket League is soaring this week with the announcement of both their free to play mobile game – Side Swipe and the game’s biggest collaboration to date with Formula 1 and NASCAR joining Psyonix as licensing partners.

Both Formula 1 and NASCAR will get its own individual bundle in game according to Rocket League Developer, Psyonnix. They’ve also announced a new car model, The Tyranno, which has a dominus hitbox and will arrive as part of the Rocket League pass in Season 3.

They’re also adding the new DFH Stadium (circuit). The arena has been outfitted with trackside decorations including all of the pageantry found trackside during a championship Sunday.

Last week Psyonix announced Side Swipe – their free to play mobile game being released later in the year for iOS and Android.

Rocket League will feature cars from NASCAR and F1. Image Credit: Psyonix/ Rocket League.
Rocket League will feature cars from NASCAR and F1. Image Credit: Psyonix/ Rocket League.

Rocket League has seen rapid and steady growth since its launch. Epic Games bought Psyonix studios in 2019 and moved Rocket League from Steam to the Epic Games Store.


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