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YouTube US Tax Changes To Affect Thousands Of Creators Worldwide

YouTube is making a significant change to how payments are processed for their partnered creators outside of the USA. Google announced it will start deducting U.S. taxes from future payments for all content creators starting middle of the year

The one saving grace is it will only impact earnings generated by U.S. viewers. However, this is a significant portion of the YouTube viewership so it is likely to hit YouTube Partner’s hard.

Google will begin deducting taxes from non-U.S. creators on earnings generated by U.S. viewers through ad views. This also includes; YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships. This change applies to all members of the YouTube Partner Program and a prompt to submit updated tax information through Google AdSense will be sent out over the next few weeks. 

YouTube also said creators could see up to a 24-percent deduction from their total earnings if their tax information is not properly updated by May

YouTube will be deducting up to 24% TAX for all non-US creators, starting as early as June 2021.

I’m actually in shock by this. This WILL impact a lot of channels moving forward.

Just received this email:‚ÄĒ SpawnPoiint | Chris (@spawnpoiint) March 9, 2021

Google already keeps around 45 percent of all revenue generated through ads on all videos, along with 30 percent of all donations and channel memberships. With this new tax deduction, creators outside of the U.S. will see even less of the money from these YouTube revenue systems. 


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